Allett Classic Petrol Cylinder Mowers 17″

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Silver Hook 5 Litre Green Plastic Fuel Can

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The reliable Allett Classic petrol mower is available in two cutting widths.

The Classic 14L with 14 (35.6cm) cut and a Classic 17L with 17 (43.2cm) cut. Therefore, either choice is a choice well-made.

Moreover, this versatile machine is equipped with a five-bladed cutting cylinder, delivering 66 cuts per metre. You can expect an enjoyable mowing experience and a well=cut lawn.

Furthermore, the mower is powered by an 87cc Loncin four-stroke single-cylinder petrol engine. The Classic Allett features five pre-set cutting heights. This ranges from 6mm to 32mm.

Additionally, an optional powered scarifier cartridge can be fitted easily in place of the mower’s standard cutting unit. All machines carry our one-year warranty on parts and labour.

Weight 41 kg

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