Echo SRM-3610TU U Handle Brushcutter EC-SRM3610

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The 36.3cc SRM-3610T U handle brush cutter features a high torque head. With a 1:1.62 gear reduction ratio, it generates outstanding levels of torque up to 50% more than previous models. More torque means more cutting performance and by installing a thicker line, the user can tackle a wider range of tasks with just one brushcutter. Featuring a comparatively small engine, the unit is lightweight and features low levels of vibration, but has the cutting performance of a higher capacity machine.

The SRM-3610Ts engine combines the best features of 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines: stable cutting performance in heavy working conditions; low noise and low emissions; runs with mixed fuel, meaning there’s no need to check oil levels; can be operated in any position.

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