Honda MIIMO 70 Live Robotic Lawn Mower (Self-Install)

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The Honda MIIMO 70 Live robotic lawn mower effortlessly and efficiently cuts your grass, so you don’t have to. It’s hard to believe that such a small product can work so incredibly hard, but it’s true. What are you waiting for? A life of total relaxation awaits you, all you need to do now is decide what you’re going to do with all your free time.

It couldn’t be easier to get started, simply plug and play! So simple to set up you can do it yourself. No need to incur extra costs getting someone to do it for you. It comes with all the information and instructions that you need and Honda have designed it to be easy to operate.

With a cutting width of 190mm and 3 manual cutting heights from 30mm to 50mm it is compact and versatile. It weighs just 8kg. Compact and efficient it can get into smaller areas easily to ensure it can mow all areas of your garden with the greatest of ease.


Area capacity – up to 700 m²
Working capacity – 32 m²/h
Maximum incline mowing area – 15° / 27%
Maximum incline wire on slope – 9° / 15%
Blade type – 3 (Swing back type)
Cutting width – 190 mm
Battery type – Li-ion 18V / 2,5Ah
Mowing time per charge – 75 min
Charging time – 60 min
Waterproofing – IPX4
Smartphone application** – Android and iOS
Docking station position – Corner & Edge
Length x width x height – 445 x 364 x 202 mm

Installation Kit included
175m of boundary wire

Weight 7.6 kg