Honda UMK435-UE Bike Handle Brushcutter HB-UMK435-UE

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Currently awaiting for stock. Usually delivered between 10-14 days

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Great at tackling those jobs which a lawnmower can’t, a Honda brushcutter allows you to work through a full 360 degrees.  The GX35 mini 4-stroke engine is a powerful, efficient, quiet and kinder to the environment yet offering superb performance.

For thicker and more demanding undergrowth, the most powerful 35cc UMK435 offers unrivalled smooth and quiet ‘go anywhere’ performance.  The UMK435UE has a bike type handle for extra balance, control, flexibilty and storage.

Advanced Technology

Honda’s latest handheld products are built around a technically advanced mini 4-stroke engine, perfectly suited to the demands of handheld product use:

Lightweight – One of the world’s lightest 4-stroke engines at 2.78kg

Versatile – Unique lubrication system allows the product to be used or stored through a full 360 degrees incline

Powerful – The best/power weight ratio: 0.26kW/kg

Ecological – meets EN2006 emissions standards

Easy to use – Low recoil effort for easy, reliable starting.


  • Bike type handle
  • 3 tooth blade included
  • 35cc 4-Stroke
  • 6.62kg

Weight 7.5 kg



Engine Size

Nominal Power