Mountfield 1538M-SD Lawn Tractor 38″ MF-1538M-SD

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The 1538M-SD is a super mulching tractor. Adding finely cut clippings to the lawn surface results in higher nutrient levels, better grass growth saves you cash on lawn fertilisers and saves time emptying cuttings.

The machine is powered by a 452cc Stiga ST 500 OHV petrol engine and five forward and one reverse gear. It is slick, efficient and powerful. The twin-blade cutting deck ensures a superb precision cut.

If grass growth is fast and mulching isn’t possible, simply discharge the clippings via the side discharge function. Easy!

With a 98cm cutting width, the 1538M-SD is compact and easy to maneuver and will take up less space than a collecting tractor. Suitable for areas of up to 2 acres, these machines are among the best value tractors on the market and come with a five-year extended warranty.

Weight 164 kg


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