Mountfield 1643H-SD Twin Lawn Tractor 43″ MF-1643H-SD

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The 1643H-SD Twin is a fantastic side discharge lawn tractor. It cuts the grass into fine pieces and then blows them down onto the surface of the lawn. They wilt, rot down and release valuable nutrients back into the soil to aid strong growth. This saves you the money usually spent on lawn fertilizers and time emptying clipping collectors.

It is powered by a Stiga ST550 V-Twin petrol engine for added power to cut through the toughest of lawns. With no bulky collection basket present, it is also highly maneuverable.

The 108cm twin bladed cutting deck makes light work of large areas and the hydrostatic transmission, akin to the automatic transmission in cars, is slick. There are seven cutting heights all selected using one lever and a simple flick of a switch engages the blades.

If mulching isnt possible the grass is way too long after a few weeks holiday or a prolonged spell of wet weather simply choose the side-discharge arm to blow clippings away from the lawn.

A towing hitch is included making the 1643H-SD Twin ready to use with a variety of towed accessories that are available as optional extras. And of course, the 1643H-SD Twin comes with a five-year extended warranty.

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