Stiga SBC 242 D Petrol Trimmer SG-287321002/17

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Easy to use with its lightweight and ergonomic design, the SBC 242 D delivers great power to weight performance and is an excellent high performance brushcutter for the demanding user

Powered by a modern 42.7cc 2-stroke engine producing 1.25kW, running on unleaded petrol / 2-stroke oil mix, the ergonomically shaped double handles make it easy to rapidly cover large areas and the double harness provides great support.

Supplied with a 3 tooth metal blade and Tap & Go nylon bump feed head with double 2.8mm lines, giving you the ideal cutting choice whatever the situation.

The Tap & Go system allows the operator to renew the line as it wears by tapping the auto-feed line head on the ground when the machine is in use.

Weight 8.8 kg



Engine Size

Nominal Power