Stiga SBP375 Backpack Petrol Blower SG-255175102/S17

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The STIGA SBP 375 is a powerful and manoeuvrable rucksack leaf blower for tackling the most demanding tasks. The powerful and reliable 75.6 cc (3.1 kW) petrol engine ensures high performance, while the Auto Choke system with pre-acceleration function makes start-up quick and easy. This leaf blower operates with a powerful air flow rate (25 m³/min) while maintaining freedom of movement.

The SBP 375 guarantees comfort and manoeuvrability with an adjustable joystick handle with integrated throttle lock device. The hose is formed from articulated rubber parts enabling the jet of air to be directed easily.

The rucksack harness with shoulder straps and belt means the weight can be distributed across your shoulders, making work more comfortable and easier even when task are more demanding and span across large areas. The filter cover provides easy access for maintenance.

Weight 11.6 kg


Engine Size


Max Air Speed

100 m/s

Machine Type