Stiga Tornado 7108E Battery Garden Tractor 42″ 2T1270481/ST2

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Powered by an integrated STIGA ePower battery pack, to mow lawns up to 7,500sqm – easily, quietly and comfortably. Our unique STIGA electric powertrain and One Pedal Drive system creates a robust tractor that’s smooth to manage for long cutting sessions, on very big areas.

Fully electric means no awkward levers – just simple tap controls on the electronic dashboard. One touch gets you started. Another lets you switch between three STIGA Smart cutting modes – including Eco, which uses 40% less energy. To achieve the most precise cuts, switch between seven electric cutting heights – from lowest to highest in just five seconds. Two STIGA patented blade motors give you immaculate results and the extra-wide cutting deck (108cm) means fewer trips up and down your garden – saving you time and battery power.

For even more simplicity and peace of mind, STIGA Tornado is equipped with the innovative STIGA Vehicle Management System, which performs constant diagnostics, records data and communicates with STIGA.GO app. So, you can check your live dashboard on your mobile – seeing how to optimise your cutting efficiency, how much coverage you have left, and even when to return home before your battery runs out.

For added convenience, the cutting deck can be easily cleaned with a hose, thanks to IP65 protection of the blade motor. Forget about changing spark plugs, air filters or oil. Simply mow and recharge, in just 3.5 hours. And rest assured, STIGA ePower batteries are tested to extremes to deliver market-leading performance even after 500 charging cycles.

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