Stiga Twinclip 50 SVE-RB 19″ VS Rear Roller Rotary Mower...

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Twinclip – The Best Solution for Perfect Mowing

The Twinclip 50 SVE-R B features in our new range of Stiga Twinclip lawnmowers, with new technology designed in every detail to achieve the best performance on any terrain and with minimal effort. This premium self-propelled lawnmower is powered by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton 675 IS Series InStart engine and features a robust galvanised steel chassis with a powder coated paint finish for longevity and boasts a double-edged blade, doubling mowing efficiency and power for the perfect cut. The leading edge of the Twinclip blade reduces the initial length of the grass with the second cutting edge reducing the finished length down to the desired height. The cuttings are cut and re-cut through the blades as they are blown into the collector, resulting in noticeable extra mowing capacity.

The 163cc Briggs & Stratton 675 IS Series InStart engine provides plenty of power to deal with the toughest of conditions. The large diameter steel rear roller is driven by a heavy duty Hi-Torque cone clutch transmission with a torque convertor which combines light and easy operation with smooth acceleration through an infinite range of cutting speeds.

The Twinclip 50 SVE-R B also features the Stiga VCS system as standard, which reduces vibration to an all day working level of 3.3 metres per second squared.

Easily operated by a single lever, the deck has a choice of 8 cutting height positions ranging from 13 to 65mm and will produce a great finish on your lawn whatever the conditions. In just one movement, Twinclip will cut the grass twice, doubling the efficiency, improving the finish and optimising grass collection.

Cleaning after use is facilitated using a hose connection fitted to the chassis. The robust handle bars are easily adjusted to a choice of 3 postiions with a simple one motion click, and fold over the engine for easy storage.

The Twinclip 50 SVE-R B is supported by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. The 48cm/19″ cutting width makes this great Twinclip roller mower suitable for moderate size gardens up 50m x 50m.

Weight 45 kg


Blade Brake Clutch

Cut Width

Cutter deck

Galvanised Steel / Aluminium

Drive Type

Self propelled VS

Electric Start


Engine Size


Engine Type

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Rear Roller


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