Stihl FS460 C-EM K Bike Handle Clearing Saw ST-FS460C-EM K

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Currently awaiting for stock. Usually delivered between 10-14 days

Stihl HP Super 2-Stroke Oil 100ml One-shot SL-07813198052

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2 MIX Clearing saw with M-Tronic and short shaft length
STIHL’s most advanced clearing saw ever, featuring the ‘M-Tronic’ fully electronic engine management system which adjusts ignition timing and fuel metering in all operating modes. With ErgoStart and simplified starting, the low emission 2-MIX engine and a 4 point anti-vibration system, this top of the range clearing saw is the ideal choice for anyone with large areas of tough overgrown grass to maintain. The FS 460 C-EM K is the short shaft version, with an optimised 25° gear system and chisel tooth blade for use as a saw in forestry applications.

Weight 8.4 kg



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