Stihl MSA140 C-BQ Cordless 12″ Chainsaw Battery and Charger Required 1254 011 5840



Stihl Synthplus Chain Oil 1 Litre SL-07815162000

Stihl HP Super 2-Stroke Oil 100ml One-shot SL-07813198052


The perfect tool for pruning branches and cutting firewood, the MSA 140 C-BQ has all the features of the MSA 120 C-BQ with up to 25% more cutting performance. Powered by a maintenance-free EC motor and 36 V Lithium-Ion technology, this compact saw will ease it way through sawing jobs around the garden and property. Weighing in at a low 2.6 kg and perfectly balanced, the chainsaw is comfortable to handle, even for extended periods. The Quick Chain Tensioning system allows for tool-less and hassle-free tightening of the chain. Simple operating controls make this a versatile choice for all users. The saw also features a soft-grip handle, a QuickStop Super chain brake and a transparent oil tank with a viewing window. The high cutting performance and precise finish is due to a 1/4″ PM3 saw chain.

Battery run times
With AK10 up to 18 minutes
With AK20 up to 40 minute
With AK30 up to 45 minutes

Weight 1 kg

Bar Length


Chain Pitch

1/4" P