Stihl ASA20 Cordless Secateurs Kit


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The ASA 20 battery-powered secateurs are designed for effortless pruning work around the garden. Part of the AS System, they are powered by an AS 2 lithium-ion battery and can cut through green material of up to 25mm in diameter. The fast-closing speed of the blades allow users to work efficiently to complete jobs much faster when compared to using standard manual secateurs.

The blades of the ASA 20 can be set to two different opening widths. This means you can speed up when cutting thin twigs and branches. A progressive cut means the blade will also follow the user’s finger on the trigger for maximum control and precision when pruning. A quick guide showing you how to change the blade opening is printed above the battery bay.

A blade guard is included to prevent damage to the blades during transport or storage. And an integrated maintenance tool is included in the battery bay which allows you to complete simple maintenance tasks or adjust / remove the blade set when out working.

The ASA 20 secateurs are incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 1kg, making it comfortable to use over long periods of time. The balance of the secateurs also helps to reduce wrist strain during use. A clear LED display on the side of tool shows the current battery charge level, which blade opening width has been selected and the total number of cuts made by the tool.

On a full charge with the recommended AS 2 battery, the ASA 20 can make a maximum of 2000 cuts.

Kit contains AS2 Battery and AL1 Charger

Weight 0.76 kg