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What is E10 ? 

E10 is a fuel made up of 90% regular petrol and 10% Ethanol.

So what’s the problem?

Ethanol attracts water, leading to gum formation in the engine of your garden machinery fuel system. This can cause corrosion resulting in starting issues and damage over time.

Most garden machinery is drip fed unlike cars which have high pressure fuel pumps.

E10 Petrol will start to go stale after 30 days, do not use petrol over 30 days in any of your garden machinery.

Warranty Advice

Manufacturer’s warranties do not cover damage to or engine performance problems caused by the use of incorrect, dirty, stale or contaminated fuel.

Godfreys strongly recommend using premium fuel such as Aspen to minimise the risk of damage to your machine and to be kinder to the environment.

If using E5 fuel in seasonal machines we strongly recommend using Aspen for the last few times you run your machine to ensure easy restarting next season and to prevent fuel degradation.


We Recommend…….


Aspen is a premium alkylate petrol that contains no ethanol, it is cleaner and will stay fresh for up to 5 years and will prolong the life of your machine.

Aspen 2

Recommended for 2-stroke Machines, premixed with 2-stroke oil

Aspen 4
Recommended for all types of 4-stroke engines

Fuel Additive

Adding a fuel stabilser to E10 or E5 fuel will prolong the lifespan of the fuel by up to 3 years


Super Unleaded 97

Super unleaded fuels still contains 5% ethanol but will last up to 40 days before going stale.