Felco 904 Sharpening Tool

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Despite the beacon-like red heritage colour of all of our handles, there will be occasions when you leave your prized FELCO tools out in the rain. With the smooth ergonomics of the lightweight FELCO 904 sharpener to hand, you can quickly reverse the oxidation damage and maintain a cutting edge that has been dulled by too many pruning sessions. Rugged enough to carry anywhere, this is the sharpener that delivers a professional edge quickly to your blade in a matter of a few strokes. Sharpen with speed, accuracy and minimal effort and without any inconvenient need for water or oil.

  • The FELCO 904 is lightweight, with an ergonomic handle in forged aluminium with a lifetime warranty that makes it a pleasure to carry and use
  • Wide sharpening section in sturdy tungsten carbide for reliable and efficient use regardless of your location
  • Ideal for sharpening all cutting tools including: pruning shears, loppers, cable cutters, knives and more
  • Easy to use abrasion that requires no force to achieve an excellent cutting edge
  • Designed to sharpen so there is no ridging on your blade
  • The tool’s exceptional strength and life span means you will always have a reliable sharpener to hand wherever you work
  • Bottle opener on the lower part of the handle for a convenient added feature
  • Fastening ring allows you to attach tool as required to protect against loss
  • Versatile tool for right and left-handed users
  • Sharpening regularly maintains FELCO’s world-renown high quality cutting edge
  • Ensures a long life for your tool’s cutting edge and sharpness whatever tasks you undertake
  • Made in Switzerland
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