Honda HRX476-VY 19″ Smart Drive Four-Wheeled Roto-Stop Rotary Mower HM-HRX476-VYE

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Powerful, reliable and versatile, these HRX 19″ lawnmowers are precision engineered to handle a medium sized lawn with ease.

The new HRX476-HY and VY models bring new levels of comfort, safety and cutting performance to a medium sized lawn.  For greater versatility, their new Versamow system makes it simple to collect the clippings, mulch them, or a mix of both – with just a single lever.

Choose between the revolutionary thumb or palm operated SMART Drive to give you fingertip control of ground speed, or the lever operated hydrostatic drive.  Whichever you choose, you can enjoy effortless and precise mowing at your own pace.

Versamow Variable Mowing System

Improved Collection – In the collection setting, the finely chopped clippings fill the grass bag evenly and efficiently.  The grass flow is optimised by the cutter deck’s unique aerodynamic design.

Mulch, or mix it up – In the mulching setting, the double-cut clippings are blown back into the lawn to act as a valuable fertilizer.  You can also vary the ratio collected or mulched, with just a shift of the lever.


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