John Deere 42″ Edge Mulch Deck 537BM

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The underside of the mower deck is contoured and free of obstructions:

  • Ensures a smooth flow of grass clippings
  • Minimizes grass buildup
  • Designed to mulch and return grass clippings
    • Minimizes fertilizer needs
    • Eliminates disposal hassle
  • Offset mower blades to permit blade overlap with the use of a standard V-belt drive
    • Ensures the blades cannot contact each other
  • Enables discharge of excess clippings, in heavy grass conditions, through two removable material gates at the rear of the deck
  • No discharge chute
    • Allows two-sided trimming
    • Smaller storage requirements
  • No tools required to open the gates
  • Provides two mower wheels for a uniform mowing job