Mountfield BC435 HD Brushcutter (Honda Engine)

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The BC 435 HD brushcutter is powered by a 35 cc (1 kW) 4-stroke petrol engine which is quiet and easy to start. The 4-stroke engine ensures lower emissions, low vibration and high performance, along with fuel management and simple maintenance. The SBC 435 HD has a 43 cm cutting width and Tap&Go dual line head which quickly releases the line by simply tapping the head on the ground.

This brushcutter is optimally well-balanced and has an excellent weight-power ratio. It has a double “bike-style” handle and can be used with the supplied single harness for greater user comfort. The 255 mm 3T three-tooth blade supplied is ideal for cutting challenging brushwood.

35cc 4-stroke Honda engine
Bike style double handle
Straight shaft
43cm cutting width
Tap and go dual line head and 3T blade
Single harness

Weight 9 kg

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