Silky Super Accel 210-7.5 Folding Pruning Saw 119-21

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The Super Accel 21 is a very popular lightweight folding saw with a versatile 210mm long blade. The saw is designed for general pruning and is happily used by professional arborists and amateur gardeners alike. It is also popular with campers and those enjoying the great outdoors.

The blade easily and securely locks into two different angle positions for easy cutting. Use the first position for most cutting jobs. On occasion, the second flush cutting position proves invaluable in confined or unusual situations.

The comfortable, rubber-coated handle is easy to grasp especially on the pull-stroke when a greater cutting force is needed and allows for good grip even in wetter conditions.

The saws are designed to have replaceable blades and other parts are also available. There is just one screw to unwind in order to change the blade.

Blade length: 210 mm (till Ø 105 mm)
Teeth: large (7.5 teeth per 30 mm)
Suitable for fresh wood
Limited lifetime warranty

Weight 0.195 kg

Blade Length


Teeth per 30mm





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