Stihl RE100 Plus Control Pressure Washer RE0201145

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Lightweight, compact pressure washer with built-in function on the spray lance (CONTROL) to adjust pressure at the touch of a button and LED pressure indicator directly on the lance. After successfully connecting the spray lance to the pressure washer, three different pressure levels can be selected directly on the lance.The user can view the pressure level currently selected on the LED display.

Pressure adjustment Select from three different pressure levels at the touch of a button.
Pressure indicator The LED display allows the user to view the pressure level that is currently selected.
Initialisation and connection set-upAfter successfully connecting the radio unit and the pressure washer, the desired pressure level can be selected directly on the lance.
The pressure washer also has an integrated hose reel (PLUS), for easy handling and storage of the 6 m high pressure hose. The 3-in-1 hose with integrated rotary nozzle, fan jet nozzle and cleaning agent nozzle allows you to switch between by turning the nozzle as you work.

Fan jet nozzle The standard nozzle for cleaning normal dirt on various surfaces.
Rotary nozzle For removing stubborn dirt from robust surfaces.
Cleaning agent nozzleCombines water with cleaning agent from the cleaning agent tank and sprays the mixture directly from the spray lance.
Lightweight pressure washer with additional built-in features
Pressure adjustment and LED pressure display directly on the lance
3-in-1 nozzle with rotary, flat jet and cleaning agent nozzle
Integrated tank for detergents
Hose reel on the housing for practical storage of the high-pressure hose

Weight 9 kg