Sovos S3200 Helmet Kit White 90K13S3201

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Introducing the Sovos S3200 Helmet Kit White 90K13S3201, a cutting-edge safety helmet designed for the discerning professional. This helmet is not just a piece of protective equipment; it’s a versatile system that adapts to your needs and preferences.

Key Features:
Interchangeable Shell Cover System: The helmet comes in a pristine white color, featuring a unique system that allows for easy swapping of shell covers. This means you can customize the helmet to match company colors or to signify different roles or departments within your team1.
Size Flexibility: With a size range of 53-63 cm, it caters to a wide array of head sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for most users1.
Personalization Ready: The shell covers are supplied plain, which means you can add your own logos or designs for a personalized touch1.
European Design and Certification: Crafted with the highest standards in mind, the S3200 helmet is designed and certified in Europe, ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations2.

Whether you’re looking to standardize safety gear across your organization or provide a personal protective solution that workers can make their own, the Sovos S3200 Helmet Kit White 90K13S3201 is the ideal choice. It’s more than a helmet; it’s a commitment to safety, comfort, and style

This product is supplied as follows:

1 x SV-91000S3201 – Sovos S3200 Helmet
1 x SV-92000C0200 – Sovos Clear Cover
1 x H31P3 – 3M Peltor Ear Protectors
1 x SV-92000P016 – Sovos Full Mesh Visor
1 x SV-92000P0046 – SOVOS Hi-Vis Kit – HVB Reflective Black



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