Aspen Fillpartner Autofiller



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The Fill Partner Autofiller for the Aspen 5 litre can makes refuelling of your machine safe and easy. The Autofiller protects you and your environment from unnecessary direct contact with the fuel through the unique vapour recovery system. The complete seal from the can to the tank ensures there is no release of petrol vapours. The fuel vapour from the tank is sucked into the container. When the tank is full, the Autofiller automatically stops refuelling.

  • Designed to fit the Aspen 5 litre can
  • Rotatable in all positions
  • 18Fits on most tank openings
  • Stops automatically when the tank is full
  • Unique vapour return system
  • No Aspen wasted by spillage
  • Solid 100% recyclable plastic
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