Stiga Park 700WX Outfront Mower 2F6230745/ST2

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Whether your lawn’s flat or bumpy, mowing’s always easy with the Park 700 WX ‘s ultra-powerful 586cc twin-cylinder STIGA ST 600 Twin engine and all-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission. Its 50:50 articulated power steering and innovative chassis design also deliver effortless, obstacle-avoiding drives. The Park 700 WX ‘s comfortable too, featuring a seat with high-back support, and an easily reached ergonomic side dashboard with an electronic height adjuster and large compartment. There’s even a Bluetooth module, enabling you to connect your machine to a digital device, and receive maintenance alerts and updates. The Park 700 WX ‘s front-mounted deck features extra-wide cutting choices from 95m to 125cm, bringing you fast mowing, clear out-front views, easy corner access, and beautiful cutting along edges. And to clean the deck quickly, just activate the Quick Flip mechanism. With its high-beam LED headlights, including wide or deep settings, you can also mow safely, even in poor light. Powerful, comfortable and safe on lots of surfaces: that’s the Park 700 WX .

Trailer hitch included.
The cutting deck is NOT included

Weight 230 kg

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