Stihl File Holder With Round File

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File holder with round file for maintaining sharpening STIHL saw chains.

Why sharpen your chainsaw chain, so that your chainsaw always works at full power and provides a perfect cutting result every time, it must be sharpened regularly. A blunt or unevenly worn chain needs more force, works inaccurately and can also become a safety risk. Properly sharpening the chain requires some practice, but can be learned quickly with the right tools, even for those without technical experience


Holder and files for the ultimate in chain maintenance
Sturdy file holder with round file for saw chains
For domestic users and professionals
Hardened steel files for a long service life

1/4P 3.2mm file
1/4 and 3/8p 4.0mm file
.325 4.8mm file
3/8 5.2mm file
.404 5.5mm file

for more information about which chain or file you need visit our chainsaw chain finder guide

Not sure how to sharpen your chain with the Stihl round file , check out this video


Weight .1 kg


.325, .404, 1/4 and 3/8P, 1/4P, 3/8