Echo DPPF 310 Battery Pole Saw 40V Bare Unit EC-DPPF310

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Echo 40V 2ah Battery - EC-LPB36-80

Echo 40V 4ah Battery - EC-LPB36-150

Echo 40v Battery Charger - EC-LC3604 40V


The DPPF-310 has been designed to make a task that can often be daunting and sometimes dangerous, simple. Prune high branches accurately with your feet safely on the ground. The tool comes in 3 easily attachable parts, which has 2 big advantages; it takes up far less space when storing or transporting and makes the maximum length of 270 cm adjustable to 205 cm by removing one section. Like all Garden+ tools, the DPPF-310 is compact, light weight and easy to use.

Light weight, safe and powerful pruner suitable for a wide range of tree maintenance in gardens

Prune high and thick branches with the safety of having your feet planted firmly on the ground. The light weight, maneuverable design, alongside easy to use controls, ensure the tool is a joy to use and won’t tire you out. Capable of cutting cleanly through thick branches as well as quickly dispensing with thin branches and twigs.

Chain speed 8.4 m/s max
Reach branches over 4 metres high with your feet on the ground
Tool size extendable from 205 cm to 270 cm
3 year warranty (subject to conditions)

Light weight for good maneuverability and quiet
The sturdy branch hook helps to remove loose cuttings from trees
Can be divided into 3 parts for easy transportation and storage
Overall length can be adjusted by using one or 2 shaft sections

Safety lock prevents unexpected start up
Anti-slip covering on the shaft prevents loss of control
Low-profile saw chain limits kickback and vibration

Run time
53 min. (battery LBP-36-80)
95 min. (battery LBP-36-150)

Transition between jobs effortlessly with batteries that are compatible with every Garden+ tool and offer high power performance with long run times. The 40V 2Ah and 4Ah batteries at the heart of the system are compatible with every tool and provide long run times and fast charge times.


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