Hayter Premium Lawn Mower Fuel Treatment 111-9366

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Hayter Premium Lawn Mower Fuel Treatment 111-9366: Optimal Engine Care

meticulously designed to enhance the performance of your Hayter petrol lawnmower. Here’s why it’s the ideal choice:

  • Fuel Stabilizer: Keep your Hayter petrol lawnmower in tip-top condition by ensuring the fuel stays fresh and clean for 12+ months (20ml per 5 litres of petrol). This treatment helps dissolve fuel system deposits and prevents corrosion, such as rust and oxidation, in your carburettor.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Hayter Harrier, Osprey, or Spirit petrol lawn mowers that use either E10 (87 octane) Standard Unleaded or E5 (95 octane) Super Unleaded petrol.
  • Metal Deactivator: Guards fuel system parts, such as your carburettor, against rust, oxidation, and other corrosion that ethanol can accelerate.
  • Fuel System Clean-Up: Detergents dissolve fuel system deposits, ensuring clean and reliable engine performance.
  • Water Protection: Prevents water accumulation in the fuel, which ethanol tends to attract.
  • Easy Measuring: The Hayter fuel protection bottle comes with a snap-on measuring cup with a keep-clean lid and a graduated bottle design for easy measuring.

Experience hassle-free mowing and ensure easy starting, even after storing your mower for the winter. Get the Hayter Premium Fuel Treatment 111-9366 and keep your lawn looking pristine!

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