Ledlenser H8R Head Torch 500852

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The H8R headlamp has all the classic Ledlenser features of extreme power and brightness, performance and versatility. Our Advanced Focus System allows you to focus the light beam as a spot or flood, without losing the quality of light. Its USB rechargeable battery and energy indicator let you know when to charge up to maintain performance from anywhere with a USB port.

Advanced Focus System: Seamlessly focus the light beam as a spot or flood
Rapid Focus: One-handed, fast focusing of the light beam
Rechargeable Battery: Saves money, batteries and reduces environmental impact
Smart Light Technology: Program the light functions according to needs
Temperature Control System: Keeps light from overheating so it can run brighter and longer
Front Switch: Quick and easy access to light functions
Rear Red Light: Indicates to others where you are positioned
Transport Lock: Prevents light from being turned on accidentally and using up battery
Battery Charge Level Indicator: Indicates how much charge is left and when to power up

600 lm 10h
10 lm 120h

1 set of rechargeable batteries and a USB Cable supplied

Weight .3 kg


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